AlfaLabs Software Testing Process

The aim of our cloud based software testing process is to help our clients increase their revenue with frequent high quality releases.Our process dramatically reduces the cost and hassles of software testing. This is how it works:

You provide testing requirements

  • Alfalabs Test Analyst will interact with you from day 1
  • Provide testing requirements in the form of requirement documents, pre written test cases, product demo etc.
  • Analyst will document all the test cases

We script the test cases

  • Analyst will create scripting work order for all test cases
  • You review the test cases and approve the work order
  • The tests are scripted the same day or next

You click "play" to execute tests

  • Just click on the “play” button to execute the test at any time
  • Tests are executed in a few hours
  • You can track all executions in progress

You get detailed execution report as soon as execution is done

  • Testcase data, step data, test status, time taken etc. in each report
  • Test evidence in the form of screenshots for each step executed
  • Downloadable failure report that can be used for bug filing

You get informative dashboard and application health bar

  • Platform wise status help you track release progress
  • Health bars for each platform/module/testsuite help you identify problem areas
  • Test scripting and execution tasks can be tracked from dashboard